Guest chefs at Smalhans

Aji de Gallina

This Sunday me and kleinjinx will be guest chefs at Smalhans at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo. We are also flying in Jose Talavera all the way from Schwarzwald for this special occasion!

Every day between 16.00 and 18.00 Smalhans have a new disch they call “Dagens Husmannskost” – the daily special with focus on traditional dishes from all over the world. Many have been guest chefs before us, including Bent Stiansen from Statholdergaarden, Ole Martin Alfsen and jr. sous chef at Fat Duck at the time; Markus Dybwad. Several bloggers have cooked here too; amongst them chikujenta and bonjourtristesse.

The dish we are preparing is called “Ají de Gallina” and translates to “the chili of the hen”. It is a traditional Peruvian plate of shredded hen or chicken in a creamy and nutty cheese sauce made with yellow aji amarillo chili peppers. It is served with rice and potatoes, as well as boiled eggs and olives. “Dagens husmannskost” always cost NOK 160 and you can get a second serving if it wasn’t enough for you – it’s supposed to be a hearty meal!

We are also preparing a dessert called Suspiro a la Limeña, which means “the sigh of the Lima woman”. The name should be self explanatory – this sweet ending to a meal is heavenly! Dulche de leche (manjar blanco in Peru) in the base and port wine infused Italian meringue on top, sprinkled with cinnamon dust.

Book your table now at between 16.00 and 17.45 on Sunday the 16th of November. If you do not wish to book, or reservations are not possible anymore, just pop by. There is always room for more people at the neighbourhood restaurant Smalhans. The bar stools along the counter are not open for reservation and is actually an excellent place to sit. Especially for those who wish to capture the moment and share with their friends on Instagram with hashtags #smalhans #gjestespill and #threefoodiescooking. Take away is also an option!



4 thoughts on “Guest chefs at Smalhans

  1. Og hvorfor har du plutselig begynt å skrive på engelsk?
    Herregud , du kan ingen ting substansielt om mat- det eneste du gjør er å droppe navn og retter og restauranter. Folk følger med fordi du er underholdende. Måtte avfølge deg på insta for hver gang du la ut et bilde fikk jeg “puteTV” -følelsen. Like ille som å se Jakten på kjærligheten. Er det virkelig ingen som gir deg et lite hint?


    • Halla, “Anna!” Nå har det seg sånn at Anders skal lage mat med kjæresten sin, som ikke er norsk. Hun skal være med på dette. Er det ikke logisk at han skriver på engelsk da? Og har det uansett noe å si om man skriver på engelsk? Det er ikke så himla mange i verden som snakker/forstår norsk, så hvorfor ikke bruke et språk man kan nå ut itl flere med? Kanskje du kan la folk leve livet sitt som de ønsker, også kan du leve livet ditt slik du ønsker? 🙂 Du har jo tydeligvis en liten “hang up” på Anders, siden du må inn hit for å kommentere! 😉


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