Pjoltergeist – just another reason to love this place

Elk tongue

Elk tongue

Yesterday me and kleinjinx tested the newly opened Piscoteket. We were out dining with my parents, and we bumped into fellow foodie donmahr who was being a true gentleman taking his mom for a date. After the full set menu Marius was still not truly satisfied about showing his mom the best of Oslo. He decided to take her to Pjoltergeist as well. We thought it was a great idea, and joined them.

Apart from great wine and pjolters as always, the only food item we ordered was the elk tongue which was written with with a red marker on top of the printed menu. It was a beautiful dish of elk tongue with an apple mousse in the bottom, shredded apple on top and dusted with grated smoked elk heart. The guy serving us was Swedish and told us it was Swedish elk. So I jokingly asked if he shot the elk himself. No, he explained, his mom and dad had killed a few elks recently and they gave him this particular one to use in the restaurant. That’s why I love this place.

Smoked elk heart

Smoked elk heart


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